Pagkawala (Loss) (2019)
A Hetalia: Axis Powers historical fan fiction centering on the personification of the Philippines and her relationships with her former colonizers.
Disclaimer: Athena Serrano does not own Hetalia: Axis Powers; the copyright belongs to manga author Hidekaz Himaruya. The only characters in Pagkawala that are created by Athena herself is the personification of the Philippines. All the writing is just fan fiction and no profit has been made out of it. No copyright infringement intended. 
The Model Minority (2018)
An essay mainly dedicated mainly to Asian-Americans who may struggle choosing between their immigrant parents' expectations and ideas or their own ideas and ambitions.
Disclaimer:  The essay title is a reference to the Model Minority stereotype commonly linked to Asian-Americans. In the present, the stereotype is now controversial due it being originally perpetrated by White American sociologist William Petersen, claiming Asian-Americans' cultural background prevented them from being a "problem minority." This Model Minority stereotype is a myth pushed to further White supremacy and pit Asian-Americans against Black Americans, Hispanic Americans and Indigenous Native Americans.
At the time this essay was written and published, I was ignorant and uneducated of how deeply damaging the Model Minority myth has been to both the Asian-American and BHI communities and initially only focused on the surface to how the myth has damaged Asian-Americans. While some of the issues referenced in this essay are indeed relevant, I now acknowledge that Asian-Americans face generally different lives than BHI peoples due to their privileges.
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