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Please scroll down and read the Terms of Service below the image if you are thinking of commissioning!
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Terms of Service
These terms are subjected to change without prior notice.
By reading and agreeing with the Terms of Service, you are acknowledging the terms for your commission. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your order and/or being blacklisted. The Artist will not be held responsible for your own misconceptions. These terms will be referred to in the case of a dispute.
The Artist's preferred language is English.
A right to decline a commission to anyone for various reasons is reserved by the Artist.
The following is what CAN be drawn:
- Females, males or non-binary individuals
- The Client and/or the Client's friends or family members
- Original characters
- Fan characters
- Couples or shipping art (whether straight, gay, bi, pan or queer)
- Simply-designed animals or creatures (qualifies as Character)
- Simply-designed foods (qualifies as Prop)
- Simple patterns
- Swords and spears
- Light gore
The following is what CANNOT be drawn:
- Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content. This includes nudity, fetishes, softcore or hardcore pornography, questionable power dynamics, rape, pedophilia, incest, beastality, graphic violence and heavy gore.
- "Hate" art or discriminatory art targeting groups, organizations or individuals. This includes includes wishing harm to someone or people belonging to a specific gender, race, ethnic group, religion, sexuality or political spectrum, organization or group.
- Explicit real-life political art
- Mecha or heavily detailed armor or weapons
- Intricate patterns
- Heavily detailed backgrounds
- Anything else the Artist may not be comfortable drawing (ask if unsure)

Payment must be in the United States Dollar (USD) currency through PayPal service. If you are not from the United States, you must convert the payment amount from your country's currency to USD. 
FULL payment must be provided after reaching total agreement with your envisioned order. A 3-day grace period is allowed if you cannot pay immediately. If the period passes without payment, your commission will be cancelled.
The Artist will not begin your order until after receiving payment.
The Artist will send a PayPal.Me link where the Client can pay and send the money.
The queue list is arranged with a "first-come, first-served" policy.
Multiple commission orders are permitted but the Client must take precaution their orders may take longer to complete.
Reference image(s) must be provided to help give a potential idea on your envisioned order. Extra details such as posing, activity, facial expressions, personality and/or a background story can also be provided but must be precise and specific.
If the Client provides an image reference of a Club Penguin character or an Animal Crossing character holding an item, it does not qualify as a Prop and will not be charged the fee.
After payment and ordering, it is possible for an order to be finished in a short time period but depending on the Artist's life circumstances, an order could take 4 weeks at maximum to complete.
If a specific deadline is to be set on the order, please notify the Artist immediately. No rush fee of charge is included.
At least 2 WIPs (a sketch and a version with base colors) will be provided to assure your order is in-progress and for the Client's approval stage. The WIPs will always have the Artist's watermark/signature, and the Client does not have the rights to any WIPs created by the Artist for their commission.
1 major sketch revision will be free of charge. If more than 1 major sketch revision is requested, there will be an additional fee charged based on the time it takes for the revision to be made.
Minor mistakes revised during the coloring and rendering process (e.g. small color changes, minor brightening/darkening or lighting/shadow changes, missing accessories, background elements) will be free of charge.
Major changes revised during the coloring and rendering process (e.g. big color changes, major brightening/darkening or lighting/shadow changes, entire outfits, poses, full backgrounds) will require an additional fee charged based on the time it takes for the revision to be made.
If you want your order to be private, please let the Artist know.
Private commissions will not be posted on the Artist's social media accounts.
While the Artist does not allow others to repost their artwork anywhere else on the Internet unless asked and given permission to, if any private commissions do get posted publicly online, the artist has the right to do the same.
The Artist reserves the right to decide whether to post any private commission on their public website and portfolio (this website) or on Behance. If this occurs, you will remain ANONYMOUS. If you do not wish your order to be publicly posted anywhere online, please let the artist know.
If the private commission is meant to be a surprise for someone or an event, please let the Artist know a proper date and time to post it on social media.
If you do not explicitly state your commission order is meant to private, it will be assumed as "public" and posted on the Artist's social media accounts as such.
A full refund is applicable if 2 months have passed after payment and no progress has been made for the Client's order. A partial 50% refund is applicable if there has been progress but it has been 2 months.
A full refund is applicable if a major life event suddenly occurs in the Artist's life that renders them incapable of completing your order.
Refunds are not applicable after the final sketch approval process has gone through.
Refunds are not applicable after the final product is completed, even if the Client is dissatisfied or suffers from buyer's remorse.
Should Client begin to harass the Artist in any way, shape or form (e.g. being rude, disrespectful or aggressive, inappropriate behavior, sending threats, excessive demands for updates within a short time period/while in queue, etc.), the Artist reserves the right to cancel the commission and refund partially by 25% or 50%, depending on how far the order has been worked on, with the remaining funds as compensation for wasting time or any emotional damage that may have been inflicted.
The Artist is reserved the right to refund for miscellaneous reasons not listed with a provided explanation.
The Artist will retain rights to the artwork and final product produced. 
If the character in the commissioned work is an original character of the Client, the Client retains rights to any original characters they own.
Do not crop, edit, block or remove any of the Artist's signatures in the final image
The Client is not permitted to to use the final product for commercial usage.
The Client is free to use the final product in any personal use such as printing, using as profile pictures, stickers, etc., provided it is for non-profit and non-commercial use.
If the Client want to repost the final product anywhere, they may ask the Artist permission and if grantedcredit with the Artist's name with one of their social media usernames or handles must be written in the repost.
If Client wants to use the final product anywhere as a profile picture, header, etc., credit with the Artist's name with one of their social media usernames or handles must be written in the Client's social media introduction, description or biography.
The Artist will only provide the finished product's files in .PNG and .JPEG format.
The Artist will request the Client their email to send a high resolution file copy of the finished product.
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