Athena Serrano
Athena Serrano is a Filipino American illustrator and designer based in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. She is currently in her final year studying at Saint Peter's University, double-majoring for a BA in Graphic Arts and Communication & Media.
Athena enjoys working with variety, experimenting different art styles in her works. However, in her personal works, she likes to especially focus on subjects regarding her interests and passions such as Japan's kawaii (cute) culture, fashion, history and even expressing her own Filipino heritage.
In addition, Athena serves as Social Media Editor for the Saint Peter's Tribune newspaper as a journalist writer, along with being an editor for The Pavan literary magazine. She also occasionally dabbles in photography as a hobby.
Featured At
Athena talks with podcast host Erielle Sudario on what it was like to be a longtime member of the online fandom and community of the now-defunct MMO game Club Penguin since its early days in 2009, along with how the game and its community inspired her to pursue art.
2ser 107.3 - The Night Shift (timestamp: 10:30) / April 2, 2020
Athena is interviewed by host Erielle Sudario on her comic Quarantine Thoughts of a Student Abroad and what it was like to be an international exchange student quarantining during COVID-19 lockdown at the Philippines, her family's ancestral country.
Jasha Green Memorial Award for academic and artist excellence, Saint Peter's University Michaelmas 2020