I'm Athena, an illustrator, designer and writer from Jersey City, New Jersey — just right across New York City down the Hudson River.
I draw and/or design art for fun and as freelance work on the Internet, and I write and do journalism. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Graphic Arts and Communication & Media.
Thanks to playing Club Penguin as a child (kids knew me as "Cw700") and participating in its fandom community, I found my love for art. I like experimenting different art styles and focusing on subjects regarding my interests, ranging from fashion, history and my favorite games, films and shows. I sometimes even use my art as a form of sharing my own life experiences as a second-generation Filipino American.
Storytelling and writing was always something I also enjoyed, starting out with making cheesy comics as a kid and writing cringy fanfiction in middle school and high school (just saying, fanfiction is literature). 
During my undergraduate years, I wrote and managed for the Saint Peter's TribuneI also previously worked as a full-time MTV News intern as a MTV News Ambassador and writer. I have an interest in pop culture, music, entertainment, and fashion. After all, the mass media and entertainment has played a role in shaping our environment and character, along with providing some great escapism and pleasure.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading historical fiction novels, Classical literature, non-fiction and fanfiction; watching period dramas, dabbling in photography, dressing in Japanese fashion occasionally and casually playing video games (especially Animal Crossing).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Being a Gemini means having a lot of hobbies and interests for sure.
Me wearing Lolita Fashion, a Japanese street fashion inspired by historical Victorian and Rococo fashions in Europe (although the 3rd picture is an 11th-12th Century Medieval-inspired coord) intended to express cuteness and elegance. Despite sharing the name with the Vladimir Nabokov novel, both are unrelated to each other.
I also have a separate Instagram account just for photos of me dressing in J-fashion: @la.reine.athenais
Featured At
Athena talks with podcast host Erielle Sudario on what it was like to be a longtime member of the online fandom and community of the now-defunct MMO game Club Penguin since its early days in 2009, along with how the game and its community inspired her to pursue art.
2ser 107.3 - The Night Shift (timestamp: 10:30) / April 2, 2020
Athena is interviewed by host Erielle Sudario on her comic Quarantine Thoughts of a Student Abroad and what it was like to be an international exchange student quarantining during COVID-19 lockdown at the Philippines, her family's ancestral country.
Jasha Green Memorial Award for academic and artist excellence, Saint Peter's University Michaelmas 2020
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